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which prevents your or anybody else from directly or indirectly disclosing the link between the awarding institution and This is designed to protect the interests of both our clients and the institutions we represent. Distance Programs by definition mean that physical attendance at the institution is not required.All the institutions we represent, that have not yet automated their graduate services online, have their own Administration Centers for administering the degree courses and post graduate services such as the Yes!For the same reason, we may receive your Graduation package for forwarding the next working day or the day after.

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For Credit transfer purposes, Institutions will normally only recognize degrees from other institutions registered with the same accreditation agency.

Neither we nor the institutions can prevent this kind of ill informed prejudice.

However, the law is on the side of the legally granted degree, regardless of its accreditation.

It is often misunderstood that this is a problem often encountered by holders of conventional degrees as well.

Accreditation is voluntary but there will always be those whose understandings of the law are imperfect and will see a lack of a certain kind of accreditation as grounds to opine negatively about an institution or degree, no matter how legal the degree or its accreditation is.

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