1 to1 cam

This metal cap serves to trigger the camshaft position sensor, and lets the engine know whether the engine is on an intake or exhaust stroke of it's 4-cycle process.

The camshaft position sensor fits into the hole on the right side of this photo (you can make out the small green o-ring to the lower right).

1 to1 cam-59

Turn your attention now to the lower chain tensioner, which is located on the lower part of the block, on the right side of the car.We will be removing this tensioner and replacing it with a tensioner tool, which will keep the chain tight while we time the cams.Here is the tensioner tool, which we use in place of the spring-loaded tensioner when timing the camshafts.Shown here are the studs for the thrust washer and sprocket.These studs look very similar to the ones that mount the valve cover to the head - don't mix them up.

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