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#Config opts --width Picture width --height Picture height --delay Delay till shot --quality Quality of image 0-100 --output Output type [png, jpg, bmp] --verbose Verbose debugging --help Usage help text --version node-webcam version --location Location to output webcam capture #Shorthand options w: [ "--width" ], h: [ "--height" ], d: [ "--delay" ], q: [ "--quality" ], out: [ "--output" ], h: [ "--help", true ], v: [ "--version", true ], l: [ "--location" ] #node-webcam will auto output the file type at the end node-webcam --w 500 --h 500 --d 2 --l picture # ./bin/Reset data and memory of past shots First param of callback will be a possible error or null.

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Includes the essays: "'Stains Upon Silence'" by Michael Godby "Feet Also Feature" by Sally-Ann Murray "The Picture Stares Back" by Gerhard Schoeman. A complex art installation bringing together issues of public sculpture, urban planning, city politics & performance art. Catalogue of the exhibition on the Werdmuller Centre, an iconic "failed" piece of architecture built in the 1960s in Claremont, Cape Town, Michael Stevenson, Cape Town, 2010. Angela Ferreira was born in 1958 in Maputo, Mozambique, and now lives and works in Lisbon.

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